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Matt Pless- "Catch Me If You Can Review"

The album “Catch Me If You Can” by Matt Pless is cynical and sneering. It’s worldly-wise and questioning. It’s angry and honest. It’s energetic and visceral. It’s fast and furious. Why would anyone want an album like that? Because it’s f-cking amazing, that’s why. It’s the battle we all fight with life’s demons in a perfect fusion of lyrics and music. Each song on its own is beautiful and brilliant, but once you listen enough you will understand how perfect each song title fits the piece. This is a flawless album in its stimulating rush of acoustic-driven sound. While his peers continue to belt out pop-punk alternative fluff, Matt Pless has evolved into somewhat of an oddity. There is tons of emotion, energizing acoustic guitar, indie-rock sensibilities, and subtle but masterful folk songwriting at play here.

- This is one paragraph from an article that was featured in Tunedloud magazine. For more about Matt Click here


Alexandra Watson – “Alone Tonight” – a stunning exercise in vocal poise, passion and power!

Posted By: Rick JammPosted date: 

If singer-songwriter Alexandra Watson didn’t exist, someone would have to invent her. Frighteningly young, incredibly talented and blessed with a remarkable voice. Her single, “Alone Tonight” – a stunning exercise in vocal poise, passion and power – will catch everyone by surprise, and is an opportunity for Alexandra to prove that she can live up to any hype. The song is about as soulful as it gets – it’s a storming RnB/Soul flavored mid-tempo ballad which brings to mind genre classics from the golden era. Gorgeous, lush, and soul-stirring, this song can get by on the vocals alone, which is irrefutably remarkable.



"Breathe Easy" – Amanda-Thecla Jordan

by Jass Elliot

Singing words we would all like to hear at our worst moments, Amanda-Thecla Jordan offers a much-needed solace with her magical song, Breathe Easy. This song reaches right in and caresses the heart with such tenderness and love that is impossible not to feel better after hearing this young lady’s soulful and emotionally charged lyrics. Amanda-Thecla Jordan isn’t just singing a song in this video. She is feeling it. Her compassion and sensitivity ring not only in the lyrics of the song but in every breath she takes, every note, and intonation.

Everything about this video resonates with warmth and affection, from the soft and gentle lighting to the slow drifting of the camera shots. Amanda-Thecla Jordan wrote the exquisitely touching lyrics herself, showing that her writing skills are every bit as compelling as her vocal prowess. This is such an amazing song.

Amanda-Thecla Jordan wrote and performed this song in hopes of raising awareness for those who suffer from depression. Depression is not simply a state of mind or a mere mood. Depression is an illness that can strike anyone. Miss Jordan’s song encourages everyone to understand and offer support to those who suffer from this debilitating condition. Her song shines like a beacon. Full of emotion, love, and kindness. It is a song everyone needs to hear.



Sammy Bulka- Review

by Jass Elliot

A long time ago I heard a soft drink described as effervescent. It means bubbly. But it also means vivacious, enthusiastic, refreshing. It's the first word that comes to mind when listening to Sammy Bulka. She is young and new and unexpected. Her vocals are a coalescence of soft, smooth spring mornings and dark, sultry summer nights. Sammy runs the gamut, calling on whatever style, mode, or method is required to tell her story. And Sammy has plenty of stories to tell with her original lyrics and amazing vocals.
"Colder Than December" is a sad story about a canceled date night. But what is really sad is the fellow who canceled. Colder than December and more shallow than a river. Not a terribly likable guy. The song is a somewhat lighthearted recounting of an experience all too many of us can relate to.
  "Streetlight" is an even sadder story. The song reflects feelings of wistful loss and regret. We've all been there; what we thought was true love turns out to be false hope. This is a heart-wrenching song, sung beautifully and masterfully. It reaches right into the soul and gives it a tug.   





Mercury & The Architects

Staff Writer at Tuned Loud Magazine

Brother and sister duo, TJ Mercury and Chelsea Rae, make up the core of the collaborative project Mercury & The Architects. The release of their debut album “The Ghost That Haunts My Castle”, sees the project forging and consolidating their blend of alternative rock with rap and edgy urban flavors. From the album, released 22nd December 2017, comes the single and official video for “Machine”, Mastered by Grammy award winning engineer, Mark B. Christensen.

As they have demonstrated, on most of their music Mercury & The Architects have a talent for taking complex subject matter and turning it into a relatable, and approachable song. “Machine” is no exception, though I’ll leave you to listen to the lyrics and watch the video clip and draw your own conclusions on the socio-political and cultural queries the duo bring to the fore.

The evidence of inspiration and free expression radiates from “Machine”, as Mercury & The Architects takes it upon themselves to create awareness of pressing issues in the world surrounding us. Popular music has a very important place within protest music, it can communicate important issues on a much larger stage than most genres.




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