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Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Susan Gabrielle from Indie Music Performer

Franklin, TN – There’s no business like show business and certainly no business is more competitive. Two artists can be equally talented, but one is on their way to stardom; the other is heading home on a Greyhound bus with broken dreams and an empty bank account. It may seem arbitrary, but in the entertainment industry, nobody becomes successful by accident. Talent is the bare minimum. Without the necessary passion, ambition and desire, those dreams of fame and fortune will remain only dreams.

Susan Gabrielle, better known as The Stage Coach, is a certified life coach offering intensive training for those who live for the spotlight: actors, musicians and singers. Whether you dream of starring on Broadway, American Idol, or you simply want to overcome your stage fright, Susan can take these seemingly impossible dreams and break them down into small realistic goals you can easily accomplish. Susan offers everything from audition preparation to one-on-one vocal training.

“Everyone has this dream, but not too many people know what it really takes to achieve it,” says Susan. “You have to make the audience see something special in you. They have to fall in love with you in 20 seconds. A positive mindset can turn the odds in your favor.”

Though Susan’s students have appeared on popular shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent and The Voice, she says for most of her clients it’s not about being “famous.” Her primary goal is for them to be self-sufficient performing musicians that can pay their bills. For many students that starts with overcoming their fear of rejection.

“If you do have talent, you have to accept there is going to be rejection,” says Susan. “You have to become a professional at auditioning. It all starts with the proper mindset.”


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This is from the show "Story & Song" which I put together. I hope to be doing more of these soon.


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