Indie Music Performer 


Getting your name out there

Publicity & Artist Development





So what can we do for you? 

*Get you radio interviews on our station
*Interviews on many other stations
*Airplay - We work with internet radio, college radio, conventional FM & Podcasts
*Press releases bringing attention to your new music or upcoming gigs
*Blogs and online magazines
*In-print magazines
* Video promotion
*Studio coordination
*Tour coordination
*Set up photoshoots with the best in whatever area you are in
*Audition coaching
*Interview coaching
*Photography Services
*Help you build your social media organically (NO BOTS)
*Graphic design services for CD covers, flyers, posters, etc.
*Merch. development
*Performance critiquing live or via video
*Have pro lyric videos made and played on YouTube as well as other video channels worldwide