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A shameful plug for my book. I wrote this in 2018 but there were a lot of mistakes that we (the publishing company and I ) didn't have the money to redo. Now, after saving my pennies and dimes, I redid the parts with the mistakes. The mistakes weren't about the business. They were publishing mistakes. Some of the printing didn't look right and there were some grammar mistakes. I'm not a born writer but I wanted these things to be correct.

So, I didn't promote the book as much as I would've if it had been closer to perfect. I did, however, do really well at music festivals and workshops. 
Anyway, here is the new version 2021. Under my own little company 'Stagecoach Publishing ' which I've been using for blogs and my old website for years. Here's some info... Dates of this summer's festivals and my own workshops are coming SOON!


Review from "Jass Elliot"
An easy-to-read, friendly guide through the back allies and labyrinths of the music industry. The road to success in the music industry is fraught with pot-holes and speedbumps, wrong turns and stop signs, bad maps, and missing road signs. Susan Gabrielle has made it her life's work to learn to navigate that road. She's taken students to American Idol, The Voice, all the big TV talent shows. She's been doing this for more years than she cares to admit! Music & Mindset is her roadmap. This book is filled with tips and suggestions, inside information, all the things you need to know to reach your destination. It's all here; years of hard work and observation, tears and frustration, joy and laughter, failure and success. Within these pages are the answers to questions you may not have even known to ask. And it's all written in a casual and breezy tone, easy to read and hard to put down. If you've been struggling to make it in the music industry, laundering and wondering what you've been doing wrong, why you haven't yet made it to the top, this is the book you've been waiting for. Let Susan Gabrielle be your guide. She knows how to get there.