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 It's All About the Audition 



It starts with one of these and who knows how far you'll go?



There is so much to be said about to auditioning. The most important being, it is a skill. It really isn’t about talent. Of course, talent is great but if you don’t know how to audition you won’t get gigs. It doesn’t matter if it’s Broadway or America’s Got Talent. There is a formula. A recipe. Oh, and the recipe for each and everything in between differs. But the great thing is these things can be learned and even perfected. If you keep working on the skills needed for auditions. You will start getting positive outcomes. This is not about looking on the bright side. This isn't about luck or even talent. This is about strategy. This about getting a serious edge over the competition. It's about numbers and percentages. All the things that have always bored me to tears can make the difference between a steady career and a fun hobby. These things don't bore me anymore.

I'm not saying there isn't a lot of rejection in this business. There is. But it really is numbers game and once you learn the game you can play it. And, okay, having "high hopes" can only help. These guys know a lot more about that than I do.


This song says it all... Whatever your dream is, Don't Give Up!


Audition workshops will be available in the Nashville area November, 2021-February, 2022

and on-one-on training online is available anytime


Very bad photo of a very good workshop in Virginia



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